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1052986 - Energy Meter - Measure Electrical Energy Consumption

 Item Number  1052986
 Title  Energy Meter - Measure Electrical Energy Consumption
 Description The Energy Meter is a useful tool for investigating several aspects of the
Energy debate - energy supply, consumption and conservation.
Use the Energy Meter to measure a range of quantities, like energy, power,
voltage and current.Compare outputs on models of STEAM/WIND/SOLAR
Works well with the Electroflash Kit Code: 1015001

• 7A Max
• 25V Max
• Time Counting: 16.6 Hours
• Error: 5%
• Reading Automatic Selective
• From 1.00mA to 6.99A
• From 1.00mV to 24.9V
• Watts: uW, mW, W,
• Joule: uJ, mJ, kJ, mJ
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