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1004757 - Balance (Ohaus) - Scout Pro, 600 x 0.01g

 Part No.  1004757
 Description  Balance (Ohaus) - Scout Pro, 600 x 0.01g
 Comment Scout® Pro Portable Balances for Education

Hands Down The Best Portable Balance for the Classroom!

Specially designed for educational use, the Scout Pro portable balance features a simple two-button operation, a high contrast LCD display, as well as multiple weighing units to support the teaching of scientific principles and mass measurement. The Scout Pro was designed for repetitive use and to withstand daily wear and tear while being easy to operate.

- Mechanical and software protection provides superior resistance and protects the balance from sustaining damage from capacity overload.

- Connect Scout Pro to a computer or tablet through the easy-install RS232 or USB interface to further enhance lessons.

- Scout Pro Education Balances are designed with specific gravity software and an above balance kit which allows for specific gravity determination.
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