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Orbit Tellurium



This attractive hands-on model shows the Sun, Earth and Moon, correctly geared to show each month as the Earth orbits the Sun.

The new flexible design instantly engages pupils and illustrates complex relationships more easily.

Rotate the model and watch as the Earth orbits the Sun, the moon orbits the Earth and the Earth spins on its axis.
Shine the light from the sun onto the Earth to model night and day, the seasons and eclipses and create shadows.
Use the small-scale Earth and Moon on an inclined orbit to give an accurate demonstration of the phases of the moon and show why eclipses do not happen every month.
Subjects to study:

Day and night. Seasons of the year. The sun’s movement across the sky. Changing length of daylight. Shadows. The phases of the Moon. The crescent moon from different latitudes. Eclipses of the Moon and Sun. Use of sundials and shadow sticks. Lunar months and festivals linked to the Moon.

Contains: Tellurium model with accessory tidy, two sizes of Earth and Moon, stick-on model person, sundial, date, eclipse and phase of the moon indicator cards plus teacher guide with suggested activities. Power transformer included.

Size: 65 cm long, 25 cm high