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Ken A Vision

Applied Vision 4



With our Applied Vision 4 software (AV4), you can easily connect all your Ken-A-Vision digital products directly to your computer. The intuitive user-interface was designed with input from educators to help you make the most of your classroom time while still creating and presenting attention-grabbing materials.

Ken-A-Vision’s Applied Vision 4 works with all our digital microscopes and cameras and has all the features needed for the modern classroom setting.





EduCam Software





EduCam Apps enables users to view, capture, annotate, measure, highlight, diagram and share live streaming images directly from a document camera, visualizer or digital microscope. Designed with teacher input, EduCam is an ideal mobile solution for BYOD, One-to-One and iPad® equipped schools. Use with FlexCam visualizers, kena and Ken-A-Vision educational microscopes.

A hands-on solution for today’s schools, EduCam enables teachers to engage students by broadcasting live images from a USB document camera or microscope to a classroom set of mobile devices. Students can now complete and submit assignments digitally for immediate assessment, creating a greener environment. An effective classroom management tool, EduCam links each student to lesson content.