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Chem Supply - Chemicals

Chemical SDS (Safety Data Sheets) Downloads


Chem Supply product labels are GHS compliant and contain all the information you need to know about what’s inside the container!



Chem-Supply Product Codes


Chem-Supply product code numbers are closely linked to the product name, grade, and pack size of the product. The 5-digit Stock Codes appear on all Chem-Supply product labels and it is essential that the full code, followed by the pack size is quoted when placing an order.  A typical example of our Stock Codes:




Packaging has been carefully selected and designed with the changing needs of laboratory chemicals in mind.

New features include:

  • Cartons – Are now easier to open and close;
  • Environment – New environmentally friendly packaging for 4 x 2.5L Glass Bottles;
  • Dry Reagent Bottles – Square, tamper-evident, plastic with wide neck access;
  • Labels – With a new look, colour coded, easier to read and meet the latest requirements for safety;
  • Purity – Many of our reagents are upgraded to a higher purity, with a more extensive specification;
  • Stronger Plastic Bottles – 2.5L Plastic Bottles with a more robust design.
  • GHS - All new packaging and labelling has been designed to comply with current Dangerous Goods legislation and also to meet future requirements of the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(GHS).